NO ME (Song & Performance in Berlin)

NO ME (song Made to Measure for Performance in Berlin; work in progress)

Oh Jesus Don't Save Me
oh Jesus don't save me
please please please don't save me oh my Lord

My voice is not my voice. My words are on the streets where I walk
and look at it. I feel. I listen.
I listen to the chaos of holy city
I listen the silence of my holy home, in my
stupid mind.

I don't know if I find something.
Oh no! Jesus don't save me please please please
I don't know nothing,
nothing else, nothing, when I walk and I think.
Maybe. Maybe. Maybe

Oh Jesus don't save the good people
the good people is gost people
3 2 1 and zero no no no no no no
please don't save me, no me
please don't save me, no me
Give me only the peace in my heart, in my hat oh my Lord!

I'm alone in these places. I'm not alone in these places.
I don't follow anyone.
Nothing is for myself.
Nothing Nothing
no me no me no me no me

Oh Jesus don't ask me. I can't help You

(Nniet Brovdi: Musician-Composer; performer,videoart; voice, piano, sax, clarinet, electronics, words;
Images in Berlin 2012...minimal production XH; work in progress...)

Copyright Minimal Production XH 2012

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